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    3. 試題名稱:湖南省三湘名校教育聯盟2019屆高三第一次大聯考英語試題Word版含答案
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      姓名 準考證號
      三湘名校教育聯盟? 2019屆高三第一次大聯考
      第一節(共5小題;每小題1. 5分,滿分7. 5分}
      1. Where will the man go tomorrow?
      A. To the stadium.B.To Australia.C. To the railway station.
      2. What are the speakers mainly talking about?
      A. E-books,B.The Internet,C. A bookstore,
      3. What is the woman''s fovourite sport?
      A. Tennis.B.Badminton.C. Basketball.
      4. What has the man bought for the woman?
      A. A plant.B.CD. C. Flowers.
      5. When will the game begin?
      A. At 8:00.B.At 8:30.C. At 9:00.
      第二節(共15小題;每小題1. 5分,滿分22. 5分)
      聽下面5段對話或獨白。每段對話或獨白后有幾個小題,從題中所給的A、B、C三個選項中選出最佳選項,并標在試卷的相應位置。聽每段對話或獨白前,你將有時間閱讀各個小 題,每小題5秒鐘;聽完后,各小題將給出5秒鐘的作答時間。每段對話或獨白讀兩遍。
      6. What''s probably the woman?
      A. A secretary.B.A waitress. C. A teacher.
      7. What will the woman bring the man next?
      A. An ice tea.B.A cup of coffee. C. Some food.
      8. Which subway goes to the museum?
      A. The northbound subway. B. The southbound subway.
      C. The eastbound subway.
      9. Where did the woman come from?
      A. Her office.B.The hotel. C. Her home.
      10. How will the woman go to the main terminal?
      A. By bus.B.By car. C. On foot.
      11. Where did Sam leave the dictionary?
      A. At home.B.At school. C. On the bus.
      12. What does the man probablythink of Sam?
      A. Careless.B.Careful. C. Generous.
      13. What will the woman do this afternoon?
      A. Go downtown.B.Play tennis. C. Buy a dictionary.
      14. What does the womanthink of the movie?
      A. Boring.B.Amusing. C. Disappointing.
      15. What have the speakers decided to do right now?
      A. Have some coffee. B.Get something to eat. C. Buy their tickets.
      16. Where will the speakers go before seeing the movie?
      A. To the restaurant.B.To the supermarket. C. To the coffee shop.
      17. What was Susan doingwhenthe speaker found her room?
      A. Cleaning the room.B.Making her bed.C.Reading in bed.
      18.Where did Susan comefrom most probably?
      A. The south.B.The north.C.Theeast.
      19.How did Susan look with her white shirt and black trousers?
      A. Pretty.B.Smart.C.Funny.
      20.What did the speaker decide to do at last?
      A. Stay away from Susan.
      B. Make friends with Susan.
      C. Teach Susan a lesson.
      There are no bad authors for children. Children like and want to read and seek out, because every child is different. They can find the stories they need, and they bring themselves to stories. Here are some books children should read.
      The Little Prince , by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
      This book tells the story of a stranded (陷入困境的)airplane pilot,who meets an otherworldly little prince in the Sahara desert. The little prince is a fascinating characterf and the author''s watercolor illustrations are beautiful. There is an excellent pop-up(立體的)book version.
      At the Sack of the North Wind,by George MacDonald
      George MacDonald has written several other lovely children''s books-The Princess and the Goblin is a must-read. But this book is perhaps his sweetest. A little boy named Diamond meets the mysterious lady North Wind one stormy night, and she brings him on many adventures through the night sky.
      Carry On,Mr. Bowditch, by Jean Lee Latham
      This excellent book explores the world of sea travel and colonial England through its main character 9 Nat Bowditcli. Nat has to give up dreams of Harvard to become an indentured (受契約約束的)servant. Nonetheless he teaches himself advanced mathematics,and grows up to become captain of his own ship.
      The Phantom Tollbooth,by Norman Juster
      Its protagonist (主角),Milo,is a bored little boy who discovers a phantom tollbooth-and with it,an imaginative world in which numbers,words,music,and sounds come to life. He is given the impossible mission of returning two princesses to the Kingdom of Wisdom. In the process, he has learned valuable lessons, finding a love of learning.
      21. Which of the following books has beautiful pictures in it?
      A. The Little Prince B. At the Back of the NorthWind
      C. Carry 0n,iVf廠.HovuditchD. The Phantom Tollbooth
      22. In Jean Lee Latham''s book, Nat Bowditch .
      A. doesn''t want to go to university
      B. gives up his dream of being a captain
      C. learns advanced mathematics by himself
      D. wants to teach mathematics in Harvard
      28. What does the book The Phantom Tollbooth focus on?
      A.Adventures through the night sky.B. Learning in a fun way.
      C.Exploration of the ocean wo
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